Social Responsibility


More than a legal obligation, apprenticeship is an act of social responsibility as well as an important factor in promoting citizenship, which ultimately results in better productivity. Silimed is proud to promote social inclusion through the Young Apprentice program, facilitating access to the labor market of Young People with ages ranging from 14 to 24 years, who reside in low-income areas. Geared towards the technical-professional education of young students, the Young Apprentice program works in partnership with CIEE (Center for School-Company Integration), where courses are administered on Administrative, Logistics and Production Assistant functions. At the end of the program, the best students may be hired by SILIMED, in case there is the need to fulfill such position in the company.

The program, which has been developed by CIEE, assures the young person a professional training, which is an additional step on his/her educational process. The methodology is split into two modules: one is basic, common to all areas of study, and the other is specific, focused on the area the young person might work in the company. The contract with the apprentice is valid for a pre-determined period of two years, at the most. After completion of the basic module, the youngster starts carrying out practical activities in the company, gaining experience and expertise in the workplace.

CIEE is a nonprofit, charity, social welfare, philanthropic association established under civil law, acknowledged as being of public interest, which, among several programs, enables young Brazilian students to receive full education training, placing them in the labor market through training and internship programs.

Silimed promotes and encourages solidarity practices among its employees. In partnership with philanthropic associations, the company conducts donation campaigns