Scar Treatment


Medgel is an advanced line of silicone gel products for treatment or prevention of recent or old scars, keloids and hypertrophic scars. The product acts as an auxiliary in the process of renewal and regeneration of the dermis, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. It improves the texture, coloring and hydration of the treated area, increasing skin softness.


The product’s basic constituent is medical-grade silicone and it does not contain any components of animal origin and is free of all biological contaminants. It can be used in conjunction with other complementary treatments. Medgel is contraindicated for open wounds, infected areas and unhealthy tissue.


Medgel is offered in the form of sheets, which can be trimmed to adapt to the size of the scar. Transparent, thin and flexible, they smoothly adhere to the tissue and the fragile skin, adapting to the body contours. Waterproof and vapor permeable, the sheets can be comfortably used all day long. They are reusable, and removal is easy and fast. Read the instructions for use.


It is also supplied in the form of cream.


  • Strips

Large scars

Indicated for treatment of scars up to 30 cm.

Shape: 30 cm x 2 cm



  • Plates

Indicated for treatment of small scars, up to 10 cm.

Shapes: 10 cm x 10 cm and 10 cm x 5 cm



  • Inverted “T”

Indicated for treatment of scars from breast reduction.

Shape: 34 cm x 9.5 cm



  • Disk (areolar scars)

Indicated for treatment of scars located on the breast areola.

Shape: diameter of 7 cm



  • Medgel Coat Cream (exposed areas)

Medgel Coat Cream is ideal for treatment of scars located on the face, on exposed, articulated areas or on areas with rounded borders. It forms a thin protective film of gel on the scar. It allows the skin to breathe, prevents perspiration and repels water. It is easy to apply on all areas of the body and dries quickly, becoming invisible.

Available in a 15g tube package



Plates and Strips:

1. Gently clean and dry the affected area.

2. Remove the Medgel from the wrapping.

3. Cut a piece sufficiently large to cover the entire scar.

4. Remove the protection attached to the side without reinforcement, which is adhered to Medgel.

5. Apply this side of Medgel to the scar. Avoid applying any cream on the injured area, so as not to change the efficiency of the product.

6. Wash the Medgel daily using mild soap; rinse with plenty of warm water, then let it air-dry and reapply.

7. In order to achieve better results, it is necessary to keep Medgel in place for at least 12 hours a day



  • If necessary, keep Medgel in place using a hypo-allergenic adhesive tape.
  • Do not compress the scar so as not to cause any irritation.
  • If convenient, Medgel can also be used under a compression garment.
  • In order to prevent hypertrophic scars, Medgel shall start to be used immediately after the last detachment of “scab” from the surgical wound.


  • Avoid contact of Medgel with eyes, mucous membranes and recently injured tissue.
  • Do not use Medgel on open wounds and on infected areas of the injured tissue. Avoid contact with clothing.
  • No restriction is known for the use of Medgel along with other products or treatments. It is recommended that treatment is suspended in case of occurrence of irritation, which is a rare event.
  • In case of maceration or redness, allow the skin to rest until symptoms disappear.
  • Continue the treatment, gradually increasing the period of daily use.