Founded in 1978, Silimed offers the largest and most diverse line of medical-grade silicone products in the world. There are more than five thousand items meeting the needs of the areas of plastic surgery, urology, treatment of obesity, as well as scarring. Silimed’s products are marketed in more than 75 countries on all five continents.

Silimed´s implants and its silicone gel smooth and textured mammary implants are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Every Silimed implant is identified by a serial number, with mark and sizes engraved, which makes it possible to quickly identify them in the supply chain. The individual serial number traces the history and individual characteristics of each product. Its traceability includes the internal and external control of the implant and of the materials and techniques used throughout the manufacturing process.

Constant improvement drives Silimed forward. The company is always heedful of market demands and invests heavily in product development. Based on top-of-the-line raw materials, state-of-the-art technology, research and partnerships with universities and surgeons, the company is always providing pioneering solutions for the use of silicone in the medical field.