The well-being and patient safety are two of our priorities. We know how important it is for you to feel good and happy with your body, feeling comfortable wearing your bathing suit or neckline, keeping your self-esteem high, and helping you achieve your dreams.

Breasts in general are very strong marks of motherhood and femininity. And that aspect can affect the psychological side of many women. SILIMED, over the last 38 years, has been studying and developing breast implants working to meet the needs of each of its patients.

We always work together with the medical profession to understand the most appropriate implants for each type of body in order to meet the needs and contribute to the fulfillment of each patient’s personal dreams.

This contact with the medical class has helped us understand the technical needs of the implants in order to give you the results you want.

Breast augmentation surgery has been one of the most accomplished (*) surgical procedures, the desire to enlarge the breasts has a personal motive for every woman seeking to preserve her quality of life. Here’s a list of reasons to make the decision:

– Increase due to hypomastia (atrophy or congenital smallness of the breasts);

– Increase or reconstruction of the breasts due to sagging and ptosis of the breasts due to weight loss and / or breastfeeding;

– Matching asymmetrical breasts;

– Increase or reconstruction after overcoming some disease.

We would like to explain more clearly about our breast implants, talking about models, shapes, profiles, projections and surfaces so that you understand more about the product you are implanting in your body.

(*) It is worth remembering that the surgical procedure of implanting silicone implants is not restricted to just one surgery, since silicone implants are not lifelong devices and adverse effects can occur.