Starting in the 50`s, Brazilian plastic surgery begins to attract the attention of the international medical community. The success achieved by the techniques created by Brazilian specialists start a true revolution in aesthetic and reparatory medicine worldwide. Aware of the expressive development of the area in the country, a group of French citizens arrives in Rio de Janeiro in 1978 with the purpose of establishing a distributing company of imported prostheses.


At the beginning, the small company was dedicated to importing silicone breast implants from France. In 1981 it starts to manufacture its products in Brazil, in a small laboratory, compatible with the technical requirements of the time. One year later, it already exported to other countries in Latin America and, in the following years, expanded to foreign markets, with products geared towards various specialties.


Silimed begins construction of a new factory in 1985, which started to operate in early 1989. In 2000, a second factory begins to be built, starting its activities in 2003. After 35 years in the market, Silimed operates with two factories in Brazil and exports to all five continents.


Silimed has evolved from 1978 until today, undergoing deep changes, growing and expanding in the process. Only one thing has not changed: the entrepreneurship, boldness, creativity and commitment to quality that have always guided its practices. These distinctions were the factors that granted the Silimed mark its international reputation, which is comparable to the activity of plastic surgery in Brazil.


Research and partnership
Providing support to the medical community in their efforts of researching and developing new products and conducting clinical trials and scientific studies is a priority for Silimed. Due to an open dialogue maintained with specialists, the company is proud to be able to contribute to the development of plastic surgery in Brazil and also in the world. The creation of the first mammary implants coated with polyurethane foam, in 1987, can be cited as an example of this fact. These implants started to be used by the masters of plastic surgery, Professors Ivo Pitanguy and Claudio Rebello, as soon as they were available. By taking heed to the needs of doctors, Silimed has improved its products, developing original models of implants and guiding the industry worldwide. From the outset, Silimed`s path of success is due to a close relationship with the medical community.



Silimed starts its activities in Brazil, importing silicone breast implants from France.



It begins to manufacture silicone implants in Brazil.


It starts the export its products.


It distributes polyurethane foam coated implants, imported from the USA, to Latin America.


It starts building a new factory.


The new factory is opened. It begins to manufacture mammary implants coated with polyurethane foam in Brazil.



The manufacturing of textured mammary implants is started.


It supplies all types of implants and components to a German company, to which Silimed is associated.


It receives 510K approval from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for the textured and smooth silicone elastomer implants.



Construction of a second factory is started.


The second factory is opened.


End of partnership with the German company. Silimed establishes its own network of distributors in Europe.


BioDesign is launched, the most complete and sophisticated line of mammary implants in the market and the result of 35 years of experience in the competitive international market.


The silicone gel mammary implants from Silimed receive FDA approval in order to be commercialized in the USA. Silimed is the first manufacturer outside the USA whose silicone mammary implants, smooth and textured, are approved in the USA. Furthermore, Silimed stands out as the first manufacturer in the world whose anatomical silicone mammary implants are approved in the North American market.


Silimed receives the KFDA approval for mammary implants.


Distributors Meeting and 35 years Silimed Anniversary.